Man Arrested for Running Naked

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Bolivar Police say they received a call at 7:37 p.m. last night with a complaint of a naked man running down the street. “It’s kind of an unusual thing…so our dispatcher dispatched an officer to the scene….they were able to locate him on Bryant Street… just off from Bryant in a field, made contact with him… he was pretty irrational…” says Chief Bill Irons with Bolivar Police Department. The man was later identified as George Bonner. Willie Golden lives on Elm Street, the street where Bonner was first sighted. He says there was a man running after Bonner with a pair of pants. “Only thing I saw me and my wife were going down the street and I saw two men running… and he was buck naked and the other one had his pants trying to catch up with him to give his clothes back and he just kept running,” says Golden. He says later that night, his wife didn’t want him to leave the house. She told him she was fearful, not knowing the whereabouts of Bonner. Police say they had a difficult time catching Bonner because he was so sweaty and irrational. “When people get off their medications or have mental disabilities or sometimes if they’re on drugs…they get super strengths,” says Chief Irons. Police say once they arrested Bonner and started their journey to the hospital, he kicked out both windows of the police car from inside. After a mental evaluation, police say Bonner was transported to a mental hospital. According Chief Bill Irons, they’ll wait for a complete mental evaluation before filing charges.

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