Student Collects Cans For Japan

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A little person with a big heart, that’s 11-year old Dallas Hale, a fifth grader at Thelma Barker Elementary. Dallas was watching the news, saw the tsunami victims in Japan and wanted to help. “Mom says I like to spend her money on charity …so I like to help people and I was sad to see them get hurt and have no food or shelter,” says Dallas. When asked why she would be concerned with children that lived so far away, she says it’s because they’re her age and she wants them to have what they need….just like she does. Melissa Hale, Dallas’ mother, says her daughter has always had a big heart. She supports her daughter whenever she’s anxious to give. Which is often! “She’s always been a precocious kid. Always worried about the animals… if we go to PetSmart, she’s always willing to donate… to donate my money (laughter),” says Melissa Hale. Melissa Hale called the American Red Cross with her daughter’s idea. She told them her daughter wanted to donated to the children of Japan. Jennifer McCraw, CEO of the Jackson Chapter of the American Red Cross, explained to her they couldn’t ensure the money would be sent to only help the children of Japan. The money would be used to help both adults and children affected by the tsunami. The Red Cross provided her with cans to use for collecting money. “Well you know anytime a child wants to get involved in charity work and volunteer to help people… it just warms my heart,” says McCraw. She says they’re available to help guide her through the process and give her information on Japan, in case someone donating should ask. Melissa Hale says she is very proud of her daughter. “If you have a child that wants to do something like that….go for it and help them in any way you can. You can’t stifle it…” says Melissa Hale. If you would like more information on how you can donate to Dallas’ Pennies for Japan, click on the “Seen on Seven’ link on our homepage.

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