Plane Lands in Front of House

This video is no longer available.

About thirty seconds is all it took for Dustin Manning’s plane to go from being airborne to an emergency landing in a pasture, through a fence, across a highway, stopping just a few feet in front of a house. “Yesterday started with a normal flight…we were coming from the south and I heard a loud pop… at that point I didn’t know what it was,” says Manning. Manning says he would later find out the pop was a malfunctioned rudder. The FAA started their investigation this morning, but would talk to us on camera. Manning says the FAA agreed the malfunctioned rudder was to blame for his difficult flight. “First thing we thought about was somebody was hurt bad… I mean a lot of things go through your mind.. but you try not to get excited until you know really what happened,” says Donnie Talley, the homeowner of the house nearly hit by the plane. Talley was out of town and received a call from his step daughter notifying him of the incident. She told Talley everything was fine, but he might want to return home. “We had warning that the plane was there but still… it’s sort of hard to believe… (it’s) something maybe you’d see on TV… but you don’t expect to experience it in person,” says Talley. Talley says it could have been a lot worse. “Of course we know part of the family that was in the plane and we were glad they were ok… all though everything happened…it’s still a happy ending,” says Talley. Manning says he’ll fly again. “When you fall off a horse… you get back on….when you crash a plane… (you) keep flying,” says Manning.

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