Residents Fear New Gun Range

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“To me it’s unsafe,” said Roxanne Reagan. Beaver road separates her home from the proposed shooting range site, in Viar, located in Dyer County. She and neighbors fought for a change in zoning to prevent further progress. Her hopes were soon shot down, after county commissioners voted in favor of the shooting range. “Now I don’t know, everybody says were going to keep fighting, but I don’t know what we can do next.” Roobin Rocket, the president of the Northwest Shooting Sports Association said he is fearful unhappy neighbors will go the extra step. “They could carry it to court.” Since 2005, Robin Rocket has been working to bring a shooting range to the area, and said he knows that his fight is not over, although right now he said he feels like he is winning the battle. “We’ll we’ve cleared a major hurdle in getting the county court to defeat this resolution.” Opposers of the range asked the county to change their zoning policies. They asked for 1500 yards between their homes and the proposed firing line, but we’re denied. Now, Rocket said he is pushing forward even though he does not have county wide support. “We’re meeting Thursday night and deciding where we go from here as far as getting our funding applied for as far as getting a building permit with the planning commission.” Paul Beavers has been living in the area for more than 30 years. He also lives across the street from the future site and said he can see the positives in bringing a new gun range to Dyer County. “It’s a place where probably people that really want to consider there marksmanship more, its probably a good idea.”

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