Jackson Neighborhood Sweeps Gearing Up

With spring here and with most residents cleaning up their years and homes, Jackson’s Neighborhood Services are gearing up to help those who are struggling to meet city codes. Neighborhood services will soon be sweeping through neighborhoods looking for neglected and rundown yards and homes. The city will leave notices for owners asking them to make an effort to clean-up and fix-up their properties. For low income home owners, the city is offering a homeowner repair program to help improve their properties. “We will come out and do modest repairs to the outside of the home,” said Monique Merriweather, director of Jackson Neighborhood Services. ” We don’t go into the interior of the home and do any repairs. But we will come out and our volunteers will scrape and paint and do some yard work for them.” To qualify for the repair program, the homeowner must live in their property and submit an application with verification of income. For more information, contact Jackson City Services at (731) 425-CITY.

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