Man Arrested in Humboldt After Jackson Chase

A high speed chase that began Tuesday afternoon in Jackson, ended in Humboldt, with a flipped SUV and a wanted man back behind bars. Officers said Kevin Love. 30, of Jackson was behind the wheel of his wrecked SUV. H is accused of leading officers along Windy City Road and topping speeds of close to 85 miles an hour, before crashing while trying to make a turn in Humboldt. Officers said Love was wanted in Madison County on multiple felony charges, including aggravated burglary, criminal impersonation and a number of traffic charges. Those who saw the chase come to an end said it is amazing he walked away. ” I heard what sounded like he come up on all fours up here on this hill of ours up here and he hit hard and squalled,” said Roy McCorkle, a witness to the chase. “He come flying through here and didn’t stop until he got to right here and you can see the black marks all the way over and fell over in the ditch.” Love is being held in the Madison County jail. He faces additional charges in Gibson County.

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