Arsonists Burn Down Hardin County Home

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Hardin County fire officials say vandalism lead to arson, which destroyed a man’s home. Adam Johnson has nothing left of his childhood farm but the barn across the street. He lived in his home with his father, a Hardin county high school teacher for 30 years until fire officials say an arsonist burned it down on Monday. “There’s no possible way in 30 years we’ve never had anything, never had a single thing in 30 years and all of a sudden the flood gates are open.” It all started in January of last year when two of Johnson’s horses were shot and killed. According to Adam Johnson, two juveniles were arrested and served time. “If nothing had ever happened, maybe one isolated incident with the horse getting shot and the house burns a year later OK, I could think, maybe.” It has been a long road for the father and son. In 14 months, they have filed 13 police reports, all before their house was burned to the ground. Several times windows were knocked out, animals were let out, a barn set ablaze, even covering their porch with gas, twice. “It’s gotten to the point you think what could it escalate to what’s next, what’s the next thing that could happen, is there somebody sitting in the woods right now with a rifle,” explained Johnson. Calls to Hardin county deputies concerning where they are in the investigation went unanswered. The Hardin County Fire Department said the fire marshal is offering a $1,500 reward for help leading to an arrest. If you have any information contact the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 925-3377.

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