Jackson Police Investigate Fiery Crash

This video is no longer available.

We now know more about a fiery crash in East Jackson that landed the driver and his car almost in a tree. According to police, Cedric Kinnie, 27, was behind the wheel, along with a 20-year-old passenger, who are both from Jackson. It is a scene that had neighbors shuddering and some officials saying this is one of the worst wrecks they have ever laid eyes on. Greg Johnson, a neighbor, says, “It was surreal. You just come out and this car is up in the tree. It’s like you can’t believe it at first.” And another thing Johnson says he cannot believe is that both men are alive. According to police, the driver, Kinnie, is in stable, but critical condition with multiple fractures. The 20-year-old passenger was treated and released. Johnson, adds, “It’s like a parents worst nightmare.” A nightmare, some say, that would have resulted in fatalities if it was not for Jason Jacobus, a neighbor. Residents say the driver was pinned behind the wheel, with fuel leaking from the car, and then all of a sudden, the dash area inside the car, burst into flames. That is when neighbors say Jacobus came with a fire extinguisher in hand. Angela Nathan, a resident, adds, “I think I need to go over and try to talk to him and thank him for you know saving the peoples lives in the car, as well as the people that could have been in the houses nearby.” Now, a piece of tree bark, a couple of inches thick is one of the major indications left of the impact. Police say they have no idea how fast Kinnie was going because there were no skid marks. Johnson, says, “We heard no breaking, no screeching.” But what police can confirm is that beer was found inside the car and outside the wreck. Also, investigators say one of the last things they noticed before pulling the drivers seemingly lifeless body from the car, is the smell of alcohol on his breath. Police do not believe the driver was wearing his seatbelt and still do not know if the passenger was wearing his. No charges have been issued so far, but that could change depending on the results from the drivers toxicology report.

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