Woman Locked Out During Storm

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Angela Dickerson said she was just a few blocks away from her house Monday when a severe storm hit. “As I approached this building the debris started falling and I slammed on my breaks and actually slid into the top,” Dickerson said. The roof of a storage facility had been torn off. Fearing for her live, Dickerson ran to the closest building, City Hall, to escape danger. “All of the city hall employees, the men that were in their uniforms were standing in the windows watching me,” said Dickerson. She said they never opened the door or tried to help her, they just shook their heads and starred. “What if it was their child or their mother or someone trying to get in and get help. What happened to being human and helping someone when you are in need,” Dickerson said crying. She said she pounded on the door for a couple of minutes before she crouched down in a corner outside of the building to wait for the storm to pass. “I could feel the doors shaking and I just prayed. I could not understand why these grown men were standing on the other side, not just one but eight or nine of them, standing on the other side refusing to let me in,” said Dickerson. She said a city official did call to apologize, but told her she needed to take the city workers’ safety into consideration. “They were concerned about the debris flying and the winds and that is the reason they did not open the door for me,” Dickerson said. She said she was also told she should have taken shelter at a local church. Although city officials apologized, Dickerson said it is going to take a lot more than that. “I just do not feel that is enough. I feel like that could have been me up under that debris,” Dickerson said. ABC 7 Eyewitness News tried to contact the city mayor and other city officials, however our calls were not returned.

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