PLEASE READ THIS ITS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! OK EVERYONE LISTEN UP!! There is a special man named Cowboy Chris he is traveling from Texas to NYC by HORSEBACK! Sound Crazy well its called a HERO.HE IS A CANCER SURVIVOR HIMSELF AND He is riding for children with cancer. Every mile he goes he is asking folks to donate 1 to 5 dollars for the cause . you can go to heros for children. org to find out more about Chris’s journey with cancer and the fight for our children. PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP CHRIS FOLKS! HE IS IN MEMPHIS TN NOW, AND HEADING THROUGH JACKSON IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. It can happen to any of our children. We need heros that will risk thier life like this for a child they dont even know. What he is doing is very dangerous and brave TO SAY THE LEAST! MAY GOD BLESS HIM AND KEEP HIM SAFE ON THIS EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY! LETS MAKE A COWBOY CRY! DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! YOU CAN FOLLOW HIM AND SEE UPDATES ALONG HIS JOURNEY ON FACEBOOK GO TO : Horse Ride for Heroes .

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