Luis Jimenez Works for a Shot at the Majors

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Luis Jimenez has power at the plate, speed on the bases, and intelligence on the field. That comes with experience, and he has it. When Luis was only four years old he was introduced to the game that has become his life by the person who he cared for the most. “I told my mom I want to play like those guys and she said OK,” Jimenez said. “My mom she knows about baseball a lot. So she gave me the opportunity to play baseball when I was four. And I was bad by the way and couldn’t catch or hit.” That didn’t last long. By the time he was nine-years-old Luis was playing baseball year round. And was good at it. “That’s when I started hitting better, seeing and learning baseball, Jimenez said. “I see what everything is and started watching TV and that’s when I wanted to play professionally.” It wasn’t long before that dream turned into reality. At 16 years old he signed a contract with the Oakland Athletics. But baseball can be rough. Luis spent time in several organizations. He played over seas and then back home in Venezuela. But the dream was still there. “That’s part of the game. That’s part of the life,” Jimenez said. “You sometimes are in the wrong place at the wrong time but sometimes you go two years in the minors and someone gets hurt and then you get called up so that’s part of baseball and I think God for everything.” Now in 14 games with the Generals he’s batting over .300, fourth on the team in RBI’s and second in home runs. Every time he approaches the plate he’s looking for a hit. “I try to do my best man try to see whats going on,” Jimenez said. ” I try to see how fun the game is. And I don’t cry for every at bat just try to have fun.” Fun. That’s the way he describes baseball. A game he was taught by his mother and is still learning to this day. “She showed me the respect and responsibility of the game,” Jimenez said. “I think my mom the same everyday because she showed me everything about baseball and its very nice to have your parents show you that…you know.”

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