Southern League All-Stars Named; Two Generals Lead Offense, Grube to Start for North Team

With less than two weeks remaining until the Southern League All-Star game at Pringles Park, line-ups for the North and South Division teams are taking shape. Jackson Generals RHP Jarrett Grube was named the starting pitcher for the North squad. Generals outfielder Jake Shaffer and second basemen Kyle Seager are slated to bat first and second in the lineup. The Southern League All-Star game will be played in Jackson, Tenn. at Pringles Park Tuesday night. The Generals have six players on the team (Seager, Shaffer, Grube, Erasmo Ramirez, Bobby LaFromboise and Andrew Carraway – Kenn Kasparek was named to the team but will not play due to being on the disabled list) and three coaches to the game, including manager Jim Pankovits. Click here for the full rosters for the game.

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