Whiteville Mayor Continues Fight for Cross

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Whiteville Mayor James Bellar said he will not be removing the cross from the city’s water tower. “Someone needs to stand up to these atheist (expletive),” said Mayor Bellar. The mayor stated in an interview with ABC-7 News on October 5 he would likely remove the religious symbol by October 29, a date he was given by the Freedom from Religion Organization who is representing a Whiteville resident. Mayor Bellar said a third party has agreed to pay for all legal cost associated with the case on behalf of the city. “Well, we should have a vote and whoever wins, that’s what should happen,” said Rachel Tisdale, a Whiteville resident. Hardeman County resident Tommy Phillips sells wooden crosses for $5 each. Phillips wants the cross to remain above the tower. “Well if they don’t want to see it ,they can stay at home or whatever they want to do,” said Phillips.

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