11-11-11 – Is It Good Luck?

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Lucky number 7? Try 11. And if that was the case, Friday is three times as special. “It seems to be a nice, round number despite it’s all 1’s, being an odd number,” said local resident Robert Sikes. “But it seems like a lucky number for a lot of folks.” So lucky, that they number 1111 sold out on the Tennessee Lottery Cash 4. But if you are not a gambler, it could be a good day to head to the alter. Tulip Tree Wedding Chapel had so many calls for a “lucky” wedding, they had to turn some happy couples down. “Ever since the 2000’s, everybody has been picking day’s like this. So we’ve just had a trend going on with the 09’s, 010’s, and 011’s,” said chapel co-owner Peggy Petty. “I think it’s easier for the men to remember. I think we ladies remember our wedding days, but I think it’s easier for the men.” Or maybe, if you have planned out your “one-derful” day about 9 months in advance, you could give birth to an extra “lucky” child. “It is a special thing as far as being either married or having a child, a special event on a day that you’ll never see in your life time,” said Jackson Regional Women’s Center OB/GYN Lane E. Williams. “I mean, if you could plan it like that – that would be wonderful!” Whether you were getting a lotto ticket, getting hitched, or getting a new addition, you were sure to get lucky on 11-11-11.

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