Hardin Co. Tries to Change Culture of Boys Basketball

When you go to a basketball game at Hardin County take a look in the rafters. You will find championship banners, but none of them won by the boys basketball team. But with a 10-5 start to the season that is all about to change, thanks in part to a new attitude brought in by the Tigers new head coach. “We want to get better every day and you can tell by our practices that were working hard,” Head Coach Brian Brown said. “The kids are ‘coachable’ and we want to get better every day and compete every night. That’s not always been true in the past few years here.” In fact over the past two seasons the Tigers have struggled to compete. Winning just one game in two seasons Coach Brown has had to teach his team how to win all over again. “We had to teach kids to work harder,” Brown said. “At first there were some growing pains. It’s hard to change a culture overnight.” It is players like Dercare Brown, Tim LaRue and Jonathan Roach that are trying to change the culture of Tiger basketball. They are hoping that one day others will continue that. “When they’re out at a playground or park they imagine they’re a Tiger player and that’s what we all did growing up,” Brown said. “I wanted to be a McNairy Bobcat growing up and that’s what we want Hardin County to do. We want to be a Tiger today.” So this season is just the start of a long process that will get the Tigers back to the top, and maybe add a banner or two to those rafters. “We’ve tried to keep it simple because I think that’s where we are right now,” Brown said. “It’s not about wins and losses but at some point it will be. But right now those other two things are more important.”