Dresden Basketball Teams Feed off Football Team’s Success

The Dresden Lions sports programs only have claimed one state championship, that came in 1987. But this past year the football teams run to Cookeville lit a fire, not only in the school but in the other sports teams as well. All the other players saw how far we went as a football team,” Tyler McPeak said who plays both football and basketball. “I think it carries over on to other sports because everyone wants to be successful.” “It shows you that if you believe in yourself you can do anything,” Lady Lion Guard Alex Glisson said. “No one thought the football team could go that far and they did. That’s what we have to do is believe.” With two weeks left to go in the regular season both the Dresden boys and girls basketball teams are leading their district. Add that with the success of the football team, excitement is at an all-time high. “There’s so much more school spirit once football got on a roll everybody came out and its carried over into our season,” said Senior Joseph Sipes, who plays on the Dresden Basketball team. “Since Christmas we’ve had huge crowds both home and on the road,” Lady Lions Head Coach Jonathan West said. “It means a lot to out girls and guys as well when you come into the gym and see people supporting you. It’s a different atmosphere and it helps teams.” That atmosphere has lead to over 30 combined wins this season on the hardwood. But for the Dresden seniors winning means a lot more. During their Freshman years both basketball teams and the football team had losing records. “They’re gonna leave here as a really successful class in everything they’ve done,” Lions Boys Basketball coach Tommy Dilday said. “If you look at it it speaks more to their character than anything else. They got the best out of themselves.” It is that character that has lead to the turnaround in Dresden. But the season is not over yet, there’s still work to be done. “I don’t think we have yet.,” West said. “We’ve had games we’ve played well but our full potential we know we can play better than we have.”