Ross Showed Leadership Ability in Senior Season

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Over the years the Union Women’s basketball program has had many great players come and go. Two of those players were Stephanie Clark and Josephine Owino who took home Player of the Year honors. Now, you can add one more to that list in Senior LaVanda Ross. “The first thing I said was that I love them,” Ross said following Tuesday’s national title game. “I’m not good with controlling my emotions so I waited for a while to calm down. I said, ‘I loved them’ and thanked them for the year.” This season was different for the Jackson native. For the first time in her playing career she was looked at for leadership. “Throughout high school and college I never had to be the one to lead because I was always on a team with more than one good player,” Ross said. “Sometimes she was the 2nd or 3rd choice optionwise on offense with Sara and Kayla,” Union Head Coach Mark Campbell said. “She didn’t know how to react as well. I’m most proud of Vanda because she became a leader vocally and stepped up.” Ross stepped up on the court by leading the team is scoring this season. But it was here attitude on and off the court that made the biggest impact on her teammates. “That’s something that I look up to her for and hope one day I can do that for our team what she did on and off the court,” Freshman Amy Philamlee said. “I can’t find the words to describe the person that she is and what she brought to the team,” Sophomore LaTesa McLaughlin said. “It’s going to be hard to find someone to fill her role of can replace her. She’ll truly be missed.”

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