Countdown to Kickoff: A Look at JCM

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Coach Martez Edwards and the JCM Cougars are in a better situation now than they were a year ago. “I took the job at such a late time in May. I only had about 30 or 40 days of practice or even being with the guys before we actually took the field and had to play,” said Edwards. “Now we’ve had an entire year to hit the weight room, my team is much stronger than we were last year and the character is much higher,” said Edwards. Also higher this fall, will be the number of players on the JCM roster. Seventy players reported for the first day of workouts. “Last year in the spring we had about 28 players and summer we may have had 55. We should be at 80 by the end of the summer,” said Edwards. Very few teams in the district used a two quarterback system last year, however the Cougars did. Coach Edwards expects that healthy competition to continue this fall. “Terrance Kinney and Josh Waters, both of them will play,” said Edwards. Waters is a junior. Kinney is a sophomore. “Some may play at wide receiver, some may play at different positions, but they are both tremendous athletes and great students,” said Edwards. “Both will help us win,” he added. Sharing playing time is just one of the sacrifices the Cougars are willing to make this season as they look to improve on last year‘s record of 2-8. “Because we want to win and put JCM back on the map and be successful,” said Dammarius Clifton, a captain on the Cougar football team. “This year with the experience that we have, and the taste of close defeat last year, I think now, the games that we were very close in, we should win,” said Edwards. The Cougars will open the season against Haywood.

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