Input Sought On Potential Dog Park in Madison County

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JACKSON, Tenn. – An off-leash dog park could become a reality in Jackson-Madison County if some area dog lovers get their way, but they need help from the public. Brenda Wallin is leading the effort and has been working on plans to start a dog park in the area. She’ll present her idea to the Jackson Parks and Recreation Department and Madison County Commission next month. Wallin needs to show the community is behind her effort. That’s why she created an online survey asking for input on topics such as location and how often you might visit. “It’s a dream of mine I’ve had for a while,” said Wallin. “I had traveled around to other cities that have them, and have taken my dogs there and loved it. I thought, ‘Why not? Jackson’s growing and there’s a lot of people here.'” If you’d like to give your input on a potential dog park in Jackson-Madison County, take the survey at:

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