Accidental Call to 911 Leads to Meth Arrests

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CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn.- A group of people in Crockett County basically gave themselves away for allegedly making meth, when one of them accidentally called 911. When dispatchers received the call late Thursday night, there was no one responding on the other end, but they could hear a conversation in the background. When investigators listened in, they heard the people discussing making and delivering meth. They believe someone there accidentally dialed 911 without knowing it. Investigators were able to trace the call to a residence on Burns Street in Alamo and say they caught four people in the act. Anthony Long, Jeffery Long, Tiffany Jones, and Virginia Parker were all arrested on the scene. “They were talking stuff involving narcotics…and the delivering of narcotics and someone coming to pick up narcotics and things like that so that raised our suspicion,” said Investigator Jordan Spraggins of the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department. The four are charged with promotion of methamphetamine and remained in the Crockett County Jail. No bond has been set yet.

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