Hub City Junior Golf Association brings youth golfers to the course

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Hub City Junior Golf Association was founded in 2002 with the purpose of introducing area youth the the game of golf. Since then the program has seen its fair share of growth, but wants to see more. “This year we have 68 in the program,” President of HCJGA Hewitt Chatman said. “Our goal is to get to 100 young people and become a branded chapter of The First Tee.” Last year the HCJGA became affiliated with the non-profit organization First Tee. With the new affiliation those who participate now have the opportunity to play in youth tournaments across the state. With that experience, many believe it could help each junior golfer in other areas as well. “When he gets to high school he can continue to play and if he’s good enough a lot of the time you can get scholarships to college,” said Ollie Davis whose grandson Jordan is a junior golfer. “Two of our young people currently play on the high school level,” Chatman said. “I encourage them and tell them that there are golf scholarships out there and it may be a way to earn an education just by doing something they enjoy doing.” Enjoying and learning the game of golf are just part of what makes up the HCJGA. “There’s the golf component, then a life skills component,” Chatman said. “Where it teaches young people things like respect, courtesy and those things like that.” The organization is also about growing and developing relationships. Family members are encouraged to participate. HCJGA Vice President Gary Hall is one example. His grandson Mason is a junior golfer. “Not only have I seen him grow physically, its just fun watching him gain knowledge of golf and things in life,” Hall said. “It‘s fun because I have someone I can trust an rely on and it will help me with other things I have problems with other than golf.” Mason Clanin said of his grandfather.

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