Pinson School House Repair

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PINSON, Tenn.- Pinson Ruritan Club members are struggling to repair the old Pinson School house after the roof was damaged by storms earlier this year. John Martin, who has been with the Ruritan club since it began, said he is happy to have the opportunity to save the old school house, but fearful the repair is a job that is too big for his club to handle. “I was happy that we could of course,” said Martin,”but a little apprehension as to how we are going to do all of this, I’m the only carpenter in the entire club.” Ruritan member Jerry Ellis admitted the group needs help. Ellis said right now members are spending countless hours working to clean up the property alone. ” We’ve started to demolish this building. we’ve taken out a lot of windows, we’ve cleaned out a lot of rooms,” said Ellis, “we can head it up but we are starting up a project where we are going to have to have some help.” The club plans to demolish a section of the building where the roof is caved in. Ellis said his organization wants to save the auditorium, and the rear portion of the building where the group meets. To pay the bills, members said they are planning several stew fund raising events in addition to selling a portion of land to the neighboring Baptist Church. Ellis said his group will do whatever it takes to keep the repair process moving forward. ” What keeps us going is we know what it’s going to be when we get through, we know how proud the community will be,” said Ellis. The Pinson Ruritan Club will host a stew fundraiser at the Old Pinson Schoolhouse Oct. 27. If you would like to help the group repair the school house contact Jerry Ellis: at 731-988-5240 or Email:

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