Union Women’s Basketball Team Reflects after Trip to Haiti

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JACKSON, Tenn. – It is no secret that Union women’s basketball Coach Mark Campbell likes to help those in need. In recent years he has taken his Lady Bulldogs on off-season trips overseas. This year they decided to make a trip to Haiti. “Before we left a lot of us were nervous not knowing what to expect,” Junior Guard LaTesa McLaughlin said. “Once we got there it was all hands on and ready for what we had to do.” They traded in their basketball gear for medical supplies and food. Using that to set up clinics and helping out with a local orphanage. “It was a blessing to see them interact from a different standpoint,” said assistant coach Kayla Hudson. “And how great they were and unselfish, intentionally loving people that cant give back anything but love them too.” They were a long way from winning national championships on the court. “We take for granted so much,” McLaughlin said. “Even taking showers . They can’t because the water is contaminated. We take a lot for granted I take 30 minute showers.” The love that they developed with those in Haiti was strengthened after Hurricane Issac hit the nation just two weeks ago. “I don’t know how to explain how I felt about it,” Hudson said. “I hurt for those people. We came as a team and prayed for them to be protected and that’s all we could do being here.” So far everyone has committed to making a return trip. “Absolutely,” said McLaughlin. “I hope to go back next year.” Doing this is more important than anything we will see them do on the court,” Hudson said. “It’s amazing watching them wanting to love others.”

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