Allergy Season Expected to be Worse than Normal

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JACKSON, Tenn. – If you suffer from allergies, prepare for a rough season ahead. Experts tell us this year’s weather has made a big impact on the expected pollen count. Allergy Specialist Dr. Karl Studtmann said the dry hot weather we experienced all summer made ragweed plants grow tremendously. That combined with the recent rain created the perfect mixture and pollen is expected to start flourishing earlier than usual. The fall allergy season is expected to last until the next frost. Doctors say even if you normally don’t have allergy problems, it could still affect you. “Almost everyone will have some reaction when the pollen counts are very high and so somebody that typically doesn’t have allergies may show up in my office complaining of symptoms,” said Dr. Studtmann. Dr. Studtmann says if you suffer from allergies, now is the time to start taking medications before your symptoms begin.

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