Owners of Malnourished Horses Arrested

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ENVILLE, Tenn. – A Chester County couple is spending the night behind bars after deputies said they starved their own horses. After many calls to the Humane Society, four horses were rescued on Thursday from what some call a terrible living situation. Rescue officials said they were happy to take the horses out of their current living situation. “One horse was tied to a tree with no water. There is no running water on the property. They had no food. They had some dilapidated hay, some hay that was moldy,” said Melissa Floyd. The owners of the four horses property was investigated and Redemption Road Rescue was called to come pick up the severely malnourished horses. “The horses were deemed to be in terrible care,” added Floyd. According to Chester County deputies, Arthur and Cherrie Fulgham were arrested Thursday morning for animal cruelty. Rescue officials said the horses will be put into foster homes where they can be rehabilitated until they go to permanent homes forever. Some neighbors said the horses were not always in this bad of shape. “When they first moved in a few years ago they were well fed and well ridden horses,” said Kathi Martin. But Martin added that before long, the Fulghams stopped taking care of the horses, including feeding them. Other neighbors disagreed. “I know for a fact their son feeds and waters those horses everyday,” said John Roach. Animal rescue experts said there was no way the horses were being fed properly. If you would like to help sponsor or foster these horses, call (731) 616-1440.

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