Local Doctor makes his way to the Olympics as team Physician

JACKSON, Tenn. – Keith Nord grew up dreaming about one day being apart of the Olympics. Only then his dream was to make it as an athlete in water polo. “I didn’t actually qualify and didn’t go,” said Nord. “I was getting ready for medical school so I was thinking that route instead.” He still stayed involved in the world of sports but on the medical side. Then this year he was asked to travel with the United States Olympic Boxing team as their team physician. “When you treat somebody and then tell them they can go play they’re excited and do exactly what they need to do in order to do best,” said Nord who currently works at Jackson Sports Orthopedics and Spine. He spent everyday doing what he could to help the team succeed every day. “I had morning training, afternoon session, and evening session. We didn’t finish until about 11 o’clock each day,” said Nord. Fortunately he didn’t have to deal with major injuries to the boxers. “There were illnesses and injuries,” Nord said. “Our goal is to fix those and take care of things so that they can compete at their optimum.” While he was mainly with the Boxing team, Nord also spent time with the Track and Field team and in the main clinic. His goal was the same as the athletes. “We all want to go home a winner so we all put in the effort to try to make that happen,” Nord said. “Were not the athlete that’s achieving that goal, were there supporting them so that they achieve their goal.” Following his return home Nord had a big decision to make on whether we would return to the Olympics in 2016. “People have mentioned it,” Nord said. “I had a great time. I enjoy doing it. I think I would be thrilled to be a part of it again.”

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