Violent Sex Offender Arrested in Milan

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MILAN, Tenn. – A violent sex offender is behind bars Wednesday, accused of trying to rape another West Tennessee woman. According to Milan police, their suspect in this week’s attempted rape has been arrested by Milan officers before for aggravated rape. Residents told 7 Eyewitness News they are relieved a violent sex offender is off the streets. “I feel safer and I feel better for my grandchildren and for my daughters,” Milan resident Patricia Small said. Police said Danny Collins, 45, tried to rape a woman early Monday morning, shortly after she drove him home from a friend’s house. Officers said it took them a couple days to arrest him because they said Collins swallowed something while they were questioning him Monday, and had to be taken to the hospital. They said while there, he cut off the ankle bracelet he has to wear because he is a violent sex offender. But they were still able to track him down inside an abandoned house on South West Front Street. “He didn’t have any business breaking into someone else’s home, hiding out there,” Small said. “He had a place to stay, even though I don’t think he should be in this neighborhood.” Milan police said they last arrested Collins back in 2005 on several charges, including aggravated rape. And since then, he has been in prison until May of this year, when authorities put him on supervised probation. “I know everybody deserves a second chance, but with him living in my neighborhood so close by, I think they should find somewhere else for them to live,” Small said. Residents said they hope Collins stays in jail for good. “It’s just wrong for them to be out there when they should be locked up and away, with the key thrown away,” Milan resident Renee Brown said. Police said Collins is being held in the Gibson County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bond.

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