Sheriff Presents $5,000 Checks to Youth Town and Aspell

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JACKSON, Tenn.- If you have ever wondered where all the money goes that is seized during drug cases or paid when people are convicted or drug crimes. In Madison County, it goes into the sheriff’s office drug fund and on Tuesday Sheriff David Woolfork handed out more than $10,000. $5,100 to Youth Town of Tennessee and $5,000 to Aspell Recovery Center. Both groups offer treatment programs and rely on donations like this to continue their services. “It’s money that’s taken that’s destroying our families and especially our youth and it’s being used for a purpose of restoration of that,” said Nick Pappas, executive director of Youth Town of Tennessee. Youth Town has been working with young men addicted to drugs since 1962, while Aspell Recovery Center has been in operation in Jackson since 1979. Money from the drug fund can only be used for things such as drug treatment and education and drug enforcement.

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