Victim of Cobb Road House Fire Speaks

This video is no longer available.

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. – Agnes Matocha is thankful for the little things that survived the fire – pictures of her family and more than 100 recipes in her cookbook. “A cookbook that I had copied recipes that had been given to me over the years and I named it my favorite recipes, and both are saveable. They’re wet but they will dry out,” said Matocha. Madison County firefighters responded to the fire Friday afternoon on Cobb Road where they found the entire home engulfed in flames. Matocha knew something was wrong as she headed down the road to her house. “I first saw the light on the truck, I thought there was a horrible accident at my house. Then we drove up here and my daughter parked the car and told me it was my house that burned and of course I was devastated,” said Matocha. Matocha was at a doctors appointment at the time of the fire, which probably saved her life. “There’s so many things that you remember that normally you wouldn’t remember. And I’m ever so grateful to God that nobody got hurt and we’re all here together today,” said Matocha.

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