Phone Altercation Leads to Shots Fired at House

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON Tenn.- A Jackson man claims a verbal argument on the phone lead to shoots fired at his home with two children were asleep inside. Samantha Cannon says she woke up in a panic hearing gunshots outside of her house around midnight, Wednesday. The two bullets that were fired through the kitchen window were recovered from the coffee pot. What caused the shooting is still under investigation. Cannon’s boyfriend Steven Moore claims a phone call between him and a friend got out of hand. What Moore heard on the phone lead him to believe someone might try to shoot up his house on Markwest Cove. Moore was away from the home at the time and called home to warn them. “What sense does that make for you to come out here and terrify my family?” Moore asks. The family says Jackson is starting to feel unsafe. “I’m scared, I’m very scared that all I can say is I’m scared. They need to do more patrolling, and get some of these weapons off the streets.” says Moore. Jackson police say the shooting is under investigation and no arrests have been made.

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