Horses Abandoned in Benton County

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HOLLADAY, Tenn. – Nearly a dozen horses were rescued Thursday, after being abandoned with little food and no water in Holladay. Benton County deputies said their owners are nowhere to be found. Redemption Road Rescue saved 11 horses after deputies got a call from a concerned resident that the horses were neglected. “Some were in serious starvation mode. Some were OK,” said Lori Collins, founder of Redemption Road Rescue. “These horses have been here for awhile and they’re quite wild.” Workers said it is unusual for them to rescue so many horses this early in the year. “Normally we don’t take this many horses in until later in the winter when all the grass is gone, and hay is hard to find, but with it being so early in the year, it shows us it’s going to be a hard winter for these horses,” Collins said. Deputies said they are still looking for the owners, and could not say much because the case is still under investigation. Some Holladay residents told 7 Eyewitness News seeing the horses in this condition is heart breaking. “It’s really sad,” said Rhonda Wagner, a Benton County resident. “These horses can’t take care of themselves, so it depends on people that care about them to help take care of them.” Residents said they cannot believe innocent animals could ever be treated like this. “It’s really hard. It really is,” Wagner said. Rescue workers told 7 Eyewitness News it could be a week before they can take the horses to foster homes.

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