Neglected Horse Cases Rise in West Tennessee

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JACKSON Tenn.- One of the 11 horses rescued Thursday from Benton County is fighting a very serious infection. Rescuers suspect that the 7-month-old horse, Charlie, might have been shot in the shoulder and left to die. The wound is so bad that she can barley mover her leg and can only walk backwards. The infection has likely spread throughout her bloodstream. “We’ve seen animals come back from amazing hardships and amazing illnesses and injuries. It will be up to the vet and the horse really. She seems to be a little fighter.” says Redemption Road Rescue volunteer Melissa Floyd. Redemption Road has taken in 15 abused horses this month alone. They think the recent drought and rising cost of hay may be a factor. “There are several other states that are in a big drought as well, and they are at a place where they are willing to pay very high prices for hay so there’s a lot that’s being shipped out. We have less access and a higher price.” says Floyd. The price and availability of hay is expected to worsen throughout the winter.

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