Residents Register to Vote Ahead of November Election

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. – Dozens of Madison County voters walked into the election commission office to register to vote for the upcoming election, Monday. With early voting starting in a couple weeks many people already know who they are voting for based on the issues. “It has to do with the economy what’s going on in the middle east, north Africa, very scary situations whether it’s the economy or the military,” said Joe Coury. Officials with the Madison County Election Commission say they have seen a large number of new voters coming to register. “I’m here today to register to vote for the first time. I’ve kind a procrastinated it,” said Byron Chaney. Amanda Stafford is basing her decision on the morals of the candidates and hopes other potential voters will exercise their right to vote. “Especially this election is a really important they’re all important but this one seems the most debated one. Who’s going to win…Just don’t depend on other people make the decision you need to put your input…It’s just one vote,” said Stafford.

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