Neighbors Unhappy With Trash From Local Business

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DYERSBURG, Tenn- Neighbors in a Dyersburg community said they are fed up with the trash that has been generating in their yard; and they said a cement company is to blame. The Dewalts said they try to keep their yard clean; but because of the business behind them it is almost impossible. “When they dump their trash, when it rains, it runs in our yard,” said Dorotha Dewalt. The Dewalts said workers at Fowlkes Concrete and Construction are piling trash too high, causing it to spill over into their property. They said it has been an ongoing problem for years. “It’s really trashy and germy,” said Dewalt. She said many of the plants in their yard have died because of the chemicals found in some of the cement; and they worry about their own health. “It will kill your garden and some of the stuff you plant,” said Arthur Dewalt. Workers at Follkes claimed they are not doing anything wrong; and blame the neighbors’ because their properties are built on lower ground than the business. “Your property is your property but you don’t do everything if it is disturbing to someone else,” said Dewalt. With more rain in the forecast, they are hoping someone will help.

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