Hub City Residents Stay Cool in Summer Heat

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JACKSON Tenn.- Summer temperatures were back in West Tennessee on Friday, with heat indices reaching the triple digits. Doctors said with the mild summer the Mid-South has seen this year, Friday’s heat could be more dangerous. Experts said people are not used to taking water out with them, or reducing the amount of time they spend out doors. “We have been doing lots of sweating and drinking lots of water,” said Steve Ryerson, who was outside with his family in North Park. Experts also caution that people do not realize heat is the number one killer, above all other weather event. 155 died in 2012 due to heat, according to the National Weather Service. That is more than tornadoes, lightning, and flooding. Heat is slow acting on the body, especially when it comes to children and elderly. “Just be careful, enjoy your air conditioning, if you have it. If you have to go outside keep it for a short time, and take some water,” said Reyerson. During hot days experts say remember to always check on children and elderly, and never leave animals or kids inside cars alone.

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