Rain Gives Landscapers Extra Work

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JACKSON, Tenn- More rain means more work for some local landscapers. Brad Boggs of Superior Lawn Maintenance said in the last month, the amount of calls he’s gotten has increased 100 percent due to the excessive rain this summer. “The more rain we’re having is keeping the grass greener and it just keeps growing,” said Boggs. He said besides his current customers having to call on him more frequently, he’s even getting new callers who can’t find the time to dodge the rain and cut their own grass. “For me it’s been great; but I know customers wish it would slow down some,” said Boggs. But some workers said the wet weather does have a downside when it comes to mowing lawns and often sets them back. “We’ve been playing catchup for the past couple of weeks because of the rain,” said Ethan Sanford, a landscaper. And with more rain in the forecast, they said their lawn mowers won’t be getting a break anytime soon.

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