Jackson Police Saturation

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson police are taking a huge step to fight back against crime in the Hub City. “Jackson Police Department is well aware of the violence. We want people to know this is not falling on deaf ears,” said Captain Tyreece Miller. “We’ve had too many shootings. We’ve had too many robberies. We are fed up and we are going to do something about it.” More than 200 of officers are working together across the city, patrolling problem areas. “We are beefing up our efforts, basically to address the upsurge in the number of shootings [and] shots fired calls we’ve been answering,” said Deputy Chief Barry Michael. The operation is called “Checkmate 1.” Deputy Chief Michael says it’s named that because it’s time for the police department to make a move now that people on the street have made theirs. Officials say it’s the first city saturation; every police officer in the department is on the streets patrolling, regardless of their rank. “With everybody working together, we can get a lot accomplished. We can make several arrests. The city is going to be safe and that’s the ultimate goal, making the city safer,” said Sergeant Terry Halford. Officials say they are working to strengthen community relationships, identify where force is needed, and send a zero tolerance message.

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