Farmers Paying High Price to Keep Crops Healthy

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NEAR RIDGELY, Tenn. – It is that time of the year where farmers are making plans to start harvesting their soybean yield, but this summer’s unusual weather has them set back and paying more for it. David Nichols is a soybean farmer and says the problem is right around the corner and is taking action now before it gets worse. “This year has been quite a contrast from last year,” Nichols said. “We’ve had a lot of rainfall compared to last, and with that extra rainfall its created issues with disease pressure especially this time of the year right now.” Taking precautions comes at a price that as a farmer, Nichols did not budget in. “We’re looking at roughly $20 per acre increased cost there so that tallies up there after a while when you start looking at 1,000 or 2,000 acres of soybeans,” said Nichols. Even though these farmers are preparing to pay more for the chemicals, the extra rainfall is worth every penny. “We look at it as protection we’re trying to protect that yield we have a tremendous potential right now so it’s a good return on our investment.”

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