McNairy County Investigates a Possible Arson

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FINGER, Tenn. – A fire in the 300 block of Droke Rd. in Finger has the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department investigating a possible arson. Investigators said the fire happened around 1:30 a.m., Wednesday. They said it was intentionally set because it ignited in two different places. Neither homeowners Jerry nor Cammie Rice right were home at the fire, but now they are both devastated. “As soon as you get everything to where you don’t have to worry, I guess people think they’ll take it,” said Cammie Rice. “What reason would anybody have to do this to any soul? If I had the worst in me, I wouldn’t do this. I don’t have any enemies that I know of.” Through all the pain and suffering, Cammie Rice just wanted to know who burnt the home and why they set the fire. “Tell me why you did me like this,” said Cammie Rice. “That’s all I would want (to know). I’d be happy. I believe I might could go on. I have no reason to go on now.” The home appears to be a total loss. The homeowners said the memories that left with the fire hurt even more than losing the home. “I can’t start over,” said Cammie Rice. “That’s no home. You think I want that back? I want what they took from me, inside of me.” If you have any information in this arson investigation, call the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department.

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