Man Writes Book about Hunting and Conservation

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TRIMBLE, Tenn. – Game warden Robert Dougherty says he’s seen more wildlife than the average person and he wants people to take a walk in this shoes. “All of us game wardens have a lot of great stories of our time in the woods,” said Robert Dougherty, Author. In his book, ‘The Real Game Warden’, Dougherty shares the positive stories of hunter and of those who broke the rules. “It might be enough to make someone to really think there is really a game warden out there on every corner, if you do it the right way you don’t have to look over your shoulder and wonder is anyone is watching.” Dougherty hopes his entertaining stories while on the job will be good lessons for future hunters to learn. “The younger people and get them looking at it say, ‘I don’t want to be like this guy, I will look like a fool just from this book.'” he said, Local duck hunters say a book like this could make a difference. “There are people who will go out and break the law and will kill out of season and kill over the limit and not tag a deer, I can see how the book would help if people ream them and saw everything they go through,” said Jeremy Franks, duck hunter.

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