Students Get Hands on With Wildlife Animals

This video is no longer available.

HENDERSON, Tenn. – Students got the shock of their lives when Tennessee wildlife arrived in their school gymnasium. Live exhibits that brought topics these students learn in their textbooks to life. “We talk about that in our curriculum and our program and they learn about the different animals,” said 3rd grade teacher Carrie Sells. Students were able to see and hear about the predators and prey that were right before their eyes. “My favorite animal was the prairie dogs because it has lots and lots and lots of predators,” said 3rd grade student Ella Willis. 3rd grade student Colton Hurst said his was, “Probably the alligator because I haven’t seen one.” Throughout the show Bob Tarter explained to the students all the unique characteristics about each animal and how they adapt in their environment. The students say it was fun to get out of the classroom and they will remember the wildlife show. “I like it because it was cool and when he said it was tall that it will grow and not finish growing,” said Keelie Johnson, 3rd grade student. Teachers will continue to teach their student about the wildlife for the rest of the school year.

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