Heavy Rain Wipes Out Chester County Roads

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NEAR ENVILLE, Tenn. – Labor Day rains washed away a road and a bridge on Spring Groves Road. The wiped out bridge was a not-so-welcome back to work for area residents who use the road daily. “I farm on both sides of this creek and we usually go from one field to another,” said Tim Bishop, Soybean Farmer. Traveling between the fields almost everyday, Bishop says the road looked fine and that just weeks ago gravel was put down. So the thought of this road to wipe out was unexpected and never thought of. WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News spoke with the Chester County Highway Department who says they received a call of the washed out road and immediately responded by closing the road. Keeping the roads in Chester County safe is important to the highway department. “We try to maintain it all the time when it needs we keep an eye on it but when our storms hit that’s when we have to come out here and check it,” said David Sensell, Chester County Highway Department. Bishop hopes the roads will be repaired quickly because a detour around this road will take him nearly 30 minutes to get between each crop of fields. Seeing the damage is shocking to Bishop and it’s something that will make him think twice when driving on the roads again during storms. “It makes you wonder especially if you have heavy rain here in the last few day or something like that it’s concerning.” Bishop explained, “It makes you want to go and look if you can cross and make sure they are all in shape.”

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