Man Dies After Allergic Reaction to Bug Bite

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ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. – Authorities in McNairy County have a warning, after an allergic reaction to a bug bite turned deadly Monday night. “Each thing affects everyone differently, and that might have just been too much of a punch for him,” said Adamsville police officer Daniel Vandiver. Vandiver, who is a certified first responder, was one of the first to arrive on the scene. Shone Boatwright was the victim, and his family said he had been bitten on the back of the head. “By the time that I got there, the patient was still breathing somewhat, still had somewhat of a pulse,” said Vandiver. “Then by the time the ambulance service got there, the patient had stopped breathing and no longer had a pulse.” Family members, who said the bite was either from an ant or a yellow jacket, were too shaken up to speak about their loss. Authorities said Boatwright was taken to McNairy Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. “It’s always best to now what you’re allergic to,” said Vandiver. “You never know what you’re going to encounter going from here to the store or here to Walmart. You could come across anything you’re allergic to. You always need to be prepared.” Authorities said Boatwright’s body has been taken to a medical examiner for an autopsy.

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