Educator of the Week – Cooper

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ATWOOD, Tenn. – Mistee Cooper believes education lasts for a lifetime and wants to be a good role model for her students. “I have always loved school, I had really good mentors when I was in school and I wanted to give back to what had been given to me,” said Cooper. This educator has taught for 26 years at West Carroll Junior/Senior High School, and understands her students’ needs. This is why her students nominated her to be the WBBJ Educator of the Week. “You have students that you look out there and you think they are paying attention and they are getting it,” she explained, “Then when you actually grade their papers and talk to them, they don’t have it. So you need to spend a little extra time.” On top of academics, Cooper also spends time working on building character with each of her students. “In education we have gotten so concerned with test scores and my goal is for them to learn and to come away being a good citizen. Along with responsibility and respect, to learn how to teach people, I am really big on that.” An educator’s job to Cooper is to inspire students. “An educator is someone who has a love for learning and pretty much can transfer that to the students where they also have a love for learning.”

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