Students Exposed to “New” Music

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students at Bemis Montessori watched the Jackson Symphony perform Friday. “I liked how he looked at the audience and actually told a story about the fire bird, which was kind of cool because it gave you a little insight in your mind of how the music was supposed to relate to a story,” said 7th grader Dallas Moragne. First violinist Nikki Wilson plays the violin in the symphony. She says being exposed to things like this helped to mold her. “Experiences like this, getting to see people play and being surrounded by classical music that really sparked my interest and made me say, you know what, when I grow up one day I want to be a violinist,” said Wilson. Moragne says he was motivated by the music. “Sometimes when it jumped I got a little scared but when it settled down i felt you know, calm and collect,” said Moragne. Music teacher Linda Brown says Friday’s concert is different from what students typically hear on the radio. “So this perhaps offers an experience with a style of music that they otherwise would not come in contact,” said Brown.

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