Scotts Hill House Fire Puts Homeowner in Hospital

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HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn.- Firefighters in Scotts Hill community battled a house fire for more than three hours Sunday morning. Neighbors said the home’s owner, Margaret Dyer, 76, was transported to the hospital for high blood pressure and smoke inhalation after waking up to the flames and narrowly escaped her burning home. “I know she’s having some medical tests things going on- maybe some chest pains. It could be anxiety. We hope that’s all it is,” said friend Rande Miller. Family members told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that every room of the home has severe smoke and water damage. Firefighters believe the blaze started from an old heater that was built into one of the walls near the back of the home. “It’s totally just gone. Everything is destroyed. Everything she had in there was left over for her and her past husband’s life and that’s all she had,” friend Paula Uselton said. Friends said Dyer woke up around 7 a.m to a crackling noise then discovered the fire a blaze towards the back of her home. “We all love her, she’s very fortunate that she is able to be out here because it’s all just gone,” said friend Patty Fisher. Dozens of friends, neighbors and members of the Scott’s Hill football team all pitched in to help clean after firefighters put out the blaze. Loved ones said they’re working to salvage memories for Dyer, a retired beloved teacher who has spent years of her life helping others in Scotts Hill. “It’s just the love that we have for her. It’s our community in Scotts Hill. We come together when things like this happen. We love her and that’s what we do for family,” said Uselton. “There isn’t anybody in this town or in this community who doesn’t know Mrs. Dyer,” said Miller. ” We just want to tell her we love her, we care and we’re here whenever she wants to talk about it and start working on this. We will all put that as a high priority in our lives. ” If you would like to help Mrs. Dyer friends and family have set up an account at Farmers State First Bank in Scott’s Hill.

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