Group Tackles Violence in Jackson

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Two women crusading for a safer city are hoping their grassroots movement will help Jackson become a safer place. Along with Mayor Jerry Gist, community advocates Wanda Stanfill and Helen Owens helped create the Commission on Unity Through Diversity. They hope it will build a spirit of non-violence in Jackson. “The mayor has called for a coordinated campaign where we will put together the making of activities that will lead to 90 days of nonviolence,” said Owens. “We just came together and just said ‘hey, we need to stop the violence’ and we’re joining together, we’re joining hands to help make our city stronger,” said Stanfill. The commission believes that unity and diversity are strong points here in Jackson and some of the people at the meeting were Filipino. “Our committee today has identified what the face of violence looks like and that will be put into our intervention plan moving forward,” said Stanfill. Owens said this project is important because Jackson needs to be safe for men, women and most importantly, children. “We need to believe in our community, believe in ourselves and believe in what we can become if we all work together,” said Owens. The group wants to reach as many people as they can. They said the more people involved, the better.

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