Chaos During Henry Co. Murder Trial, Tasing and Arrest

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HENRY COUNTY, Tenn.- The Henry County Courthouse is on high security during the trial of Tevin Lumpkin, 21, accused of shooting and killing Eric Kinley at a night club last year. According to a report, Lumpkin, became unruly with deputies Tuesday after trial recessed. The report said Lumpkin would not let deputies handcuff him, and take him back to jail, saying things like “You couldn’t handle me without shackles” and “You are goin’ to have to tase me.” The sheriff’s department would only say the courtroom is on high security with extra deputies. Family members told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the last three days of the trial have been difficult, having to listen to dozens of witnesses, and watch surveillance video of the murder. “It’s just like the night it happened,” said cousin of Kinley, Katrina Teague. “Watching him go down the steps, falling, reliving it, it’s awful.” After watching the surveillance video of the shooting this week, the jury was taken to the club, Fahrenheit 101, to see the layout themselves. The prosecution argued the fight started after Kinley touched a friend of Lumpkin’s hair and complimented her. They said he was shot in the back while trying to get away from Lumpkin. Co-Defendant, Cody Harman, testified for the prosecution on Tuesday identifying Lumpkin as the shooter. Teague said the family just wants to see a guilty verdict. “You know the anticipation and the anxiety because we’re so ready we’ve been waiting on this a long time,” said Teague. The sheriff’s department also arrested Sharmaine Algee Wednesday, accused of threatening several witnesses in this case. Investigators would not release the name of the witnesses or how she threatened them. Algee is behind bars on $25,000 bond. The trial will resume in day four Thursday at 9 a.m.

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