NIght Club Murder Trial Coming to End, Jury Set to Deliberate

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HENRY COUNTY, Tenn.- A jury is now set to decide whether Tevin Lumpkin is guilty or innocent in the shooting death of a man in a Henry County night club last year. Thursday, the jury heard the final witnesses in the case, and closing arguments from both sides. Only 30 minutes after leaving the courtroom the jury in the first degree murder trial decided to go home for the night, and begin deliberations Friday morning. The family of Lumpkin spoke to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News after the courtroom was adjourned. They sympathize with the victim’s family, but this week has also been hard on them. “I know people see it as your son is still alive he is but he’s not in my presence, he’s not where I can cook for him, or fuss at him. As a mother I’m hurt,” said Sharlotte Lumpkin, Tevin’s mother. Sharlotte also talked about seeing her son being tased this week for refusing to be handcuffed, and her daughter, Sharmaine Algee, arrested accused of threatening witnesses. “It’s been so painful for us. I mean we have never been through this. The emotions and the outbursts sometimes just can’t be helped,” said Sharlotte. The jury can convict Lumpkin of lesser charges with shorter sentences. Kinley’s family has told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they would like to see Lumpkin put away for life. The jury is set to begin deliberations at 9 a.m., Friday.

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