Fire Equipment Stuck in Mud, Unable to Reach Burning Home

REAGAN, Tenn. — Local fighters found themselves unable to fight a house fire in Henderson County because they literally could not get to the home. Three different fire departments rushed to a home in Reagan Wednesday morning, but not all of them made it to the house. Because of the recent heavy rains, the ground was too soft to support the heavy fire trucks. The homeowner, who said he was in another building on the property when the fire sparked was never in danger, however the house was destroyed. Firefighters said those who live in rural areas need to take what happened in Reagan as a warning. ‘It’s been an extremely wet season right now especially heavy emergency equipment, if it’s not on ground or asphalt it’s going to go down. Basically that’s it,” said Fire Chief Lynn Murphy of the Henderson County Fire Dept. “And even driveways that may have some gravel it might not be enough.” Officials said at this time the cause of the fire remains under investigation. If you have any concerns about the condition of your driveway in case of a fire or medical emergency, you are encouraged to call your area fire department.

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